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Alturistic Girl Jan. 26th, 2005 @ 10:20 pm
Where did she go
She let her feelings show
The alturistic girl
With eyes like a pearl

The one who used to
Wear through the soles of her shoe
Wear her heart on her sleve
She's gotten up to leave

She used to be so near
Everyone held her dear
Now she seems so far away
Waiting for a new day

Shes been jaded
Her heart's tainted
She can't help you
Her heart's not true

She's got to help herself
Take her heart off the shelf
Place it back inside
The only place it can hide

She cuts herself open to replace it
She has to use all of her wit
She places it inside
Only in herself will she confide

So many secrets so little time
Her soul longs to shine
She takes the gun
Its the world she must shun

She looks down on the people below
They're trying not to let the pain show
They look at her face aglow
The pain shall never show

To her at the time it was the best of things
Now she has earned her wings
She flies above us all
Keeping us from the fall

Now she lays in the ground alone
Her body beneath a layer of stone
She keeps us all from messing with life
And ending up the way she has - in strife
Feeling: curiouscurious
Writing to: WCCC

Jan. 21st, 2005 @ 11:05 pm
Yeah - first entry. I just wanna see how this looks and stuff. I'm going to post poems soon. I promice. All entries will be friends only so you gotta join to see em! ♥
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